Multimodal Argumentation

My workshop plans have now finally taken proper shape. I am glad to be able to announce the event scheduled for 20 and 21 April 2023 at the University of Salzburg. I owe many thanks for financial support to both the state and the land of Salzburg, to the University and especially to the doctoral college ‚Language, Society and Digital Life‘.

Fourteen presentations in two days offer a rich program revolving around ‚Multimodal Argumentation‘, i.e. ‚Text, Image, Sound, and Gesture in Persuasive Communication‘. The talks by both junior and senior researchers from argumentation theory and multimodality studies take up various aspects of the topic, among others: argument reconstruction, argument evaluation, uses of multimodal argumentation in different media (social media, advertising, political debate, activism etc.) using various modes, and theoretical issues surrounding the thorny questions of how multimodal arguments work and how they can best be studied.

The aim of the meeting is twofold: First, the workshop is to encourage the promising and underdeveloped exchange of ideas between two field of studies, argumentation and multimodality theory. Second, perhaps the venue may promote cooperation between groups of scholars at Groningen University (NL) and Örebro University (SWE), who are all engaged in multimodal argumentation studies.

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