Far from the Maddening Crowd

I was very lucky to find the peace and quiet away from home and usual work routines which is needed to make progress with project work and writing in October this year (yes, this is my first post-hoc post). This break ows much to the welcoming efforts of my colleague Assimakis TSERONIS and the UNIVERSITY OF ÖREBRO, who provided me with affordable accommodation and plenty of space to work.

In this ideal environment of a quiet campus, I made good headway with my current corpus-annotation project on the multimodal argumentative patterns in environmental protection ads. I completed collating the corpus, built and extended the annotation scheme (codebook) and read many an interesting piece on argumentation theory and the analytical reconstruction of arguments. But I also attended some interesting talks at the Nordic Conference on Rhetoric and gave a presentation in the research seminar at Assimakis‘ department.

I am especially grateful to Assimakis for making me feel so welcome, putting me in touch with colleagues, and finding the time in his full and hectic schedule to talk to me about argumentation, conversations from which I learnt a lot.

Finally, I believe there is much to learn from the interior design of the campus at Örebro: Never before have I encountered such well-built interiors, which leave so many varied spaces for people to sit down and work. I am missing the choice of corners, alcoves, balconies and the smart seating, from stool and chair to comfy armchair.

Copyright of the Images: Hartmut Stöckl 2022

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