Next Stop: Rome

For a Southern View of Multimodality at the A-mode conference

Again, colleagues from Bremen and Salzburg put their heads together to think of a panel on Multimodality 2.0 – New Theories, New Methods, New Chances at the Rome conference on Approaches to Multimodal and Digital Environments (A-MoDE) – From Theories to Practice.

John BATEMAN – Digital: Is this really a thing?

Janina WILDFEUER – Discourse semantics and textual logic

Jana Pflaeging – Visualising theory and methodology in multimodality

Carman NG – Morphing hybridity: Exploring alternate reality games

Hartmut Stöckl – A rhetorical take on multimodal communication

This image: Abbé Pierre Foundation, Altmann + Pacreau, Paris (Lürzer’s International Archives 1/18: 101, 1.1816); Header Image: Christoph Czermak –

Pursuing my recent research on multimodal argumentation, I am presenting on A Rhetorical Take of Multimodal Communication. For this I will be using my annotated corpus of Social Advertising. Ideally, rather than just talk about image types, rhetorical structure theory, multimodal rhetorical figures etc., I ought to be comparing print to film, based on parallel texts of the same campaigns. Doing this would certainly show similar rhetorical strategies at work but different multimodal realizations geared towards the narrative potential of the moving image and music/noise as auditory resources to model and affect multimodal argumentation.

Looking forward to many interesting papers and engaging talk with colleagues and friends.

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