Sydney to Salzburg – At long last

Helen Caple comes to visit

I am excited to have Helen CAPLE visit next week for our workshop on multimodal research methods (23 and 24 May 2019) and for a talk in my lecture (Multimodal Linguistics) and seminar (Multimodality in Journalistic Media). H. CAPLE is a very active and prolific researcher in multimodality, who has become Internationally well-known for her book on Photojournalism (2013). She has co-authored two other books on language & image in the media, which I use a lot in my teaching and research: News Discourse (2012) and The Discourse of News Values (2017). Her academic concerns are not just with analyzing media discourse but also with re-developing and fine-tuning the very methods that can be applied to authentic multimodal news data of various kinds. I’m very glad she’ll be here and open our workshop. I do hope there’s plenty of opportunity to discuss our research.

Dr. Helen Caple – ARC/DECRA Research Fellow and Senior Lecturer in Journalism with the School of Arts and Media at UNSW, Sydney

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