New Methods in May

From 23 to 24 May 2019, Jana Pflaeging and I will be hosting a workshop on ‚New Methods for Multimodal Research‘. We invited a number of speakers from Germany, Sweden, Finland, The Netherlands, Croatia, Australia and Austria to hear about and discuss new applications of multimodal theory and methods to diverse and exciting data. Here is what the call said:

The envisaged workshop aims to sample, showcase and critically look at available methods for study­ing multimodal texts. The workshop will be firmly based on the conceptual trinity media, genres and modes. (…) The workshop invites contributions that can set out and show the applicability of analytical frame­works for the study of multimodal text. Such studies ought to specify their medial and social contexts, be based on a clear selection of authentic and systematically sampled data and be oriented to a suffi­ciently and suitably specified aim of analysis.

(Call for Papers, May 2018)

The program contains talks about such media/genres as: print magazines, video games, film/video, (social) advertising, comics, visual narrative, diagrams, online exhibition reviews, and listing assistants. They address such theoretical/methodological issues as: data visualization, diachronic data and multimodal change, resemiotization, multimodal rhetoric and argument, metaphor analysis, interrelating modes -media – genres, reader response criticism, discourse semantics, text-image relations, and automation technologies.

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