Take up the Doc Challenge?

My long-time Phd-student and research colleague, Jana PFLAEGING completed her doctorate with an excellent thesis on diachronic multimodal discourse analysis in February this year. She looked at more than a 100 years of National Geographic text-design history and charted the development of the feature article and the changes this genre underwent over the decades. This is fine multimodal and discourse analytical work that I am sure will find its place in the research landscape.

While I am, of course, sad to see her leave, I am happy to be able to announce a vacancy to be filled by a new PhD-student. The job is to start in October this year and this contract will run for four years on a weekly basis of 30 hours. Research assistants at Salzburg University can devote most of their time to their research, but there is an obligation to teach 2 hours per term, starting in the third year of the contract. The job also involves some admin service to the department.

Candidates ought to have some experience in English linguistics and be interested in (multimodal) text/discourse analysis or pragmatics/semantics, lexicology/phraseology and the sociolinguistics of writing. Some previous experience in teaching English linguistics is advantageous as are skills in the qualitative and quantitative analysis of language (text/discourse) data.

I am curious about keen and committed students/co-workers and look forward to interesting applications. The deadline for applying runs out on 25 May 2022. The job ad in English can be found here. The original German job ad can be read here. Applications are invited in electronic form only, to be mailed to bewerbung@plus.ac.at.

Images: (top) Seyi Ariyo & (bottom) Alessandro Bianchi – both for UNSPLASH

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