Driving Progress in Applying Multimodality

Refashioning a cancelled symposium panel (Corona’s fault, partly), we – Jana PFLAEGING, Janina WILDFEUER and me – are hosting an online workshop (better be on the safe side) devoted to corpus-based studies in multimodality and their implications for practice and theory. The workshop is entitled ‚Putting Multimodality to Use‘ and will take place from 23 September to 24 September 2021. We’re lucky to have received proposals for fascinating and thematically diverse presentations, covering such multimodal domains of practice as advertising, journalism, social media, education, and video games. We’re also happy to have John BATEMAN and Kay O’HALLORAN on board, who will give keynotes on the relations between theoretical foundations (i.e., multimodal semiotics and artificial intelligence) and empirical analysis in multimodality research. People with a vested interest in the subject(s) of the workshop are welcome to join in online (info will be posted well in time). Here is what it said in the call for presentations:

Drawing on the more robust theoretical-methodological frameworks recent multimodality research offers, the workshop addresses how multimodality can be brought to bear on real-world problems and contribute to practical solutions. To do justice to the complexities of real-world scenarios and generate reliable results, the studies showcased are based on entire collections of naturally occurring multimodal texts. Such corpus-based work demonstrates the state-of-the-art in multimodality but also raises an awareness of the challenges yet to be met when tailoring methods and theory to the needs of studying authentic multimodal artefacts and performances.

PFLAEGING/STÖCKL/WILDFEUER – Brief Workshop Description

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