Multimodal Coherence in Comics – ComFor Conference 2021

Thanks to the initiative of my colleagues Markus OPPOLZER and Elisabeth KRIEBER, the annual conference on ‚comics research‘ (run by ComFor, the German Society for Comics Studies) will take place at Salzburg University this year. Three days have been set aside for this event: 14 October to 16 October, 2021 (the sessions will be online). ComFor ’21 looks at the ways in which comics produce, maintain and play with coherence, using all expressive resources of the medium. As this is a big issue in text linguistics and multimodality research, I am taking a great interest in the event and am curious about the upcoming talks. Here is how the call describes the topic (submissions invited until 30, June 2021):

It is the express aim of this conference to not only negotiate and explain meaning-making across panel borders and semiotic modes, but also across disciplines, seeking commonalities, shared interests and points of contact. (…) While microstructural phenomena should play a role, we explicitly invite contributions that look at the broader picture, such as translinear phenomena.

Call for Papers, 16th Annual Conference of the German Society for Comics Studies (ComFor)


The conference features three keynote speakers: Janina WILDFEUER (University of Groningen), Barbara POSTEMA (Ryerson University, Toronto), and Charles FORCEVILLE (University of Amsterdam).


Image: Panel from Chris WARE’s ‚Lint‘ (ACME Novelty Library #20), Montreal: Drawn and Quarterly, 2010

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