Setting Sail for Kiel to the GiB-Conference

Linguistic Multimodality Research – Theory & Analytical Methods

On 9 May, I will be giving a talk at the bi-annual GiB conference, which takes place at the ‚Fachhochschule Kiel‘ this year, organized by Patrick KRUSE under the heading ‚Modalities of the Image – The Concept of Multimodality from the Point-of-view of Image Science‘. For this I decided to fuse two closely related issues: a survey modeling the present state-of-the art in linguistic multimodality theory and a snapshot-insight into approaches to multimodal corpus analysis. I thus hope to shed light on how linguists conceptualize and practice multimodal research. My colleague Jana PFLAEGING, has designed some cool visualizations (cf. illustration) representing in four sections the terminological core-repertoire of the field (THANK YOU!). The illustrations of possible methodological angles on corpus analysis will be based on my compilation of Social/Not-for-Profit Advertising. Looking forward to the talk and to a varied program full of interesting topics.

A visualization of ’semiotic mode‘ – the core term in multimodality (copyright: Jana Pflaeging)

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